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Dabbers Social Bingo

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Whether you're a seasoned bingo player or have never played bingo before, Dabbers is worth a visit.


Dabbers is social bingo and has locations in the city and Hackney.

Dabbers is very different from your traditional bingo hall. The experience in intimate, inclusive and cool.

A combintation party and game show.

It is a whole lot of fun and there are prizes to be won ( Think I stole this quote from Pat Sharp)

They are pretty great prizes too, including cash and electronics.

The Bingo Voyage games boasts travel themed prizes.

There's different themed bingo games throughout the week, with different hosts.

Games include bingo brunch, drag, family, musical, singo bingo, and even dog friendly bingo.

Dabbers Social Bingo also can tick a lot of boxes as it's great for a date but also a large group for a party or hen do. They also offer exclusive and private hire.

Dabbers Hackney hosts a community night is every Tuesday. Entry and drink costs are reduced on these nights. Dabbers are not making a profit on community nights and want to help locals have a great night out.


Dabbers is opposite Hackney Town hall and has a dedicated entrance next to the cinema.

Head upstairs, there's a lot of stairs, to a neon hallway guiding you to Dabbers.

Head inside to see the biggest bingo ball machine you've ever seen and what looks like a set of a 70's gameshow.

I was lucky enough to attend the community night launch.

Our host for the night was the brilliant Quint Fontana. Quint does a wonderful job of being hilarious but made the evening seamless.

Quint's assisted by 2 wonderful dancing bingo callers. They added energy and character to the night . Finishing the line up was D.J Tim who played some banging tunes.

The night starts with the rules of bingo. Listen to the rules, if you get them wrong you will be made to wear a dunce hat.

The prizes are then introduced, there's even cash up for grabs.

We started playing Bow Bells bingo, the cockney version of bingo. In all rounds it started with playing for a line first then a full house.

Between rounds there was time to grab another drink and go to the bathroom. I won a prize in Bow Bells bingo, and as I walked to the bathroom people congratulated me on my win! I

t was an LED bluetooth speaker complete with flashing disco lights!

The next round was with a bigger card and was speedier, so don't get too drunk if you're competitive! It was interspersed with a few 'mirrorball' rounds. Where songs with tenuous links to numbers are played. This slows down the play and gives you a moment for a boogie.

The last round, and my favourite, was musical bingo. This round is a lot slower and more raucous than any other. Possibly due to the cocktails consumed. People were up dancing and singing along. The star prize was a coffee perculator, which was perfect as the person who won was with work colleagues!


Dabbers specialise in cocktails and themed shots from £8. You can buy small plates £6, burgers from £13.50 and hot dogs from £8. Cocktails are £12. Vegans options are available.


Tickets range from £7-£22 a ticket depending on the night and location. There's food and drink packages if you are going in a group. Dabbers are included with the cost of your ticket!


I have a very short attention span, especially for bingo, but the way Dabbers do it was brilliant. The rounds are snappy with fun tie break challenges and dance breaks.

The night was brilliantly organised and a lot of fun. Everyone in the room seemed to be having the best night.

I'd highly recommend for any occasion, even if if you need to let your hair down and have a laugh. One of the most joyous evenings you'll have in London.

Fancy yourself as a bingo caller? Sign up to take part in Dabbers Next Top Bingo Caller competition.

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