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There's a new, exciting accommodation concept coming to South Kensington this summer, which will redefine London's hospitality market.

The Other House is a blend of a residents club, apartment and luxury hotel. A brilliant solution to the post pandemic travellers needs. Your home for as long as you are in town, and helping you feel like part of the local community.

Comfort and sustainability are at the heart of The Other House's concept. They aim to be a 'home from home' for their residents. Somewhere they can stay overnight or even a year. Somewhere to work, rest and live as you chose.

Everything can be arranged using the Other House app, which launches in April. From check-in, reservations, energy use and to view how busy areas are. The app will unlock your door and even call the lift.

Club Flats open straight into a lounge. There's a kitchen and diner with a dishwasher and fridge freezer. Adjoining rooms are available for big groups, as well as a private dining room and a den for screenings. Guests have access to smart lockers so they can accept deliveries.

The Owl and Monkey is a flamboyant, destination bar with tree top views. Serving cocktails and sharing plates.

The Other kitchen is an all day street cafe that is open to everyone. They will use locally sourced and seasonal produce . There will be no formal restaurant for dinner. Instead they'll be a rotating roster of exciting guest chefs and supper clubs.

The atrium is an airy zen like space with high ceilings and trees, whilst the Keeping Room is vaulted, cosy bar, There'll be something for every taste and mood at The Other House.

Membership is open to local residents also. Acceptance is based on the positive impact the person can make, rather than profession or status. Membership will include use of members areas, wellness spaces and invites to events.

The interior design, furniture and architects are all British. The style is bold, comfortable and relaxed. The Other House are breathing life back into old, beautiful buildings that need a new lease of life.

There's a keen emphasis on wellness and self care. There's a state of the art gym, with group and individual training, wellbeing and beauty treatments.

The Other House staff are 'house Jacks' and have been appointed for their personality. Their wellness and needs are as important as the guests. Everything the guests need can be communicated by the app, but the house Jacks are also on hand for personal service.

The Other House was founded and co-owned by Naomi Heaton from London Central Portfolio. The South Kensington Other House manager is Simon Drake and the head chef is Gary White.

The Other House has everything the modern traveller needs and wants. With a keen eye on sustainability, staff and guest welfare, they adapt with the changing times. Relaxed luxury with a sense of British humour and charm.

Harrington Gardens

Prices from £350

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